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spare-time i certainly spend with exploring new and interesting kind of music. at the moment i'm very keen on grooving jazz and funk. i don't mind if it has some latino, indian or electronic elements in it. so thats why my personal favourites are the mojo club series, brazilectro or maceo parker.

if i have enough time, i like watching movies. most of the time on tv or divx, but preferably on the big screen. i tend to love quite strage films like the cube, memento or austin powers. check out the internet movie database in case you need information about movies.

hm, no. don't do that. you won't find anything about annas geburtstag, the most sophisticated german film ever :-) ... just kidding. its a short film that some friends of mine and me produced just for fun in mid-2001. that was very cool, maybe i'll do another one, if i find enough time...